Our Lab teams of urbanists and technologists work with cities to develop ideas that can become components of the District and that can deliver real value to cities today. Our active Labs include:


Build Lab focuses on housing affordability, exploring new approaches to the construction of cheaper and more flexible buildings, such as the use of innovative materials, digital design, and automated fabrication.


Care Lab focuses on health challenges faced by low-income city residents, exploring new models of integrated health care and social services delivery, including place-based interventions, value-based reimbursement, and better ways to connect patients to a network.


Semaphore Lab is exploring an adaptive traffic light that uses computer vision and sensing technologies to detect pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and transit vehicles to facilitate safe, seamless movement through congested urban intersections.


Model Lab explores tools that help communities build consensus on affordability, sustainability, and transportation needs. It will construct complex and flexible models from data streams and make them accessible to all stakeholders.


As our labs develop products and services for cities, we expect them to graduate into independent companies.


The foundation of a city built from the internet is ubiquitous connectivity, but millions of people lack access to this basic right of modern life. Our portfolio company Intersection is providing free gigabit Wi-Fi to people in New York City through LinkNYC.