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A mobility system that is safer and more convenient than the private car at much lower cost.

Self-driving technology and digital navigation tools can give rise to a next-generation, point-to-point transit system that complements pedestrian, cycling, and bus or rail options to improve convenience, reduce costs, and enhance street safety.

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Housing and real estate that is more efficient and thus far more affordable.

New construction methods and flexible building designs enable radical mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods that reduce the cost of housing and retail space.

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A new standard of sustainability.

A suite of design and infrastructure innovations can dramatically reduce building energy consumption, landfill waste, and carbon emissions—creating a blueprint for truly climate-positive neighborhoods.

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A public realm that puts people first and is vibrant year-round.

All-weather infrastructure and data-driven management tools enable cities to make parks and public plazas more comfortable, lively, and safe, and self-driving vehicles enable communities to reclaim streets for public space and social connections.

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A close-knit community that uses data to improve city services.

Better data integration, combined with more accessible community hubs that offer a variety of local services, enable a comprehensive approach to social and community services that delivers better outcomes to people at lower cost.

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Open digital infrastructure that inspires innovation.

At the core of a future city is a layer of digital infrastructure that provides ubiquitous connectivity for all, offers new insights on the urban environment, and encourages creation and collaboration to address local challenges.

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