Sidewalk Labs +
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Street Lab


Cities can leverage design and technology to make streets safer, more comfortable, and more efficient — for everyone. That’s why Sidewalk Labs and the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) are collaborating to create a “Street Lab”: a place to test innovative, low-cost solutions that address the transportation, wayfinding, and mobility problems facing cities today. 

What We’re Doing

The Street Lab project will be rolled out in multiple phases. Launching in February, Phase 1 aims to clarify wayfinding — particularly for NYC Ferry riders who access the ferry via a pedestrian path. Sidewalk Labs will deploy digital e-ink signs, traditional signs, and decals along the path from Building 77 to the ferry landing in order to create a better wayfinding experience for those working at and visiting the Yard. We’ll update this space on future phases as the project continues.

Front entrance of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Person walks inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard View of the exterior of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Data Privacy

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a limited-access campus for innovative manufacturing companies and invited visitors. Sidewalk Labs will only test technologies that can ensure their privacy. 

Sidewalk Labs will follow the data collection, access, use, and storage policies listed in its Responsible Data Use Assessment. In accordance with our Responsible Data Use guidelines, camera footage (used to collect pedestrian counts and pedestrian desire paths) will be aggregated to text summaries and graphs that do not have personally identifiable data. Original camera footage will be discarded within 30 days. Updates to all data collection will be posted to this website. In addition, icons will be posted around the site to notify individuals of the types of data collection in progress (see more at the website for Digital Transparency in the Public Realm).