Responsible Data Use Guidelines

Last update: June 2, 2020

Sidewalk Labs follows these Responsible Data Use Guidelines to ensure that our work respects and protects individual privacy, that we’re using data responsibly, and that we’ve included broader considerations around data ethics in the design of our pilots and products.

1. Beneficial purpose

All proposed uses of data must incorporate values of diversity, inclusion, and privacy as a fundamental human right. To meet this standard, there must be a clear purpose and value to any proposed use of data, as well as a clear, direct connection to the ways in which the project and proposed data-collection activity would benefit individuals or the community. A proposal or project should not be collecting data for the sake of having data.

2. Transparency and clarity

Individuals should be informed about how and why data is collected and used in a way that is proactive, clear, and easy to understand.

3. Data minimization, security, and de-identification by default

Only the minimum amount of data needed to achieve the beneficial purpose should be collected and the least invasive technology available to achieve the beneficial purpose should be used. By default, the most up-to-date de-identification techniques to reduce the amount of personal information collected should be used.

4. Publicly accessible by default

Whenever possible, properly de-identified or non-personal data should be made publicly accessible to third parties by default, formatted according to open standards. Sidewalk Labs believes that preserving individual privacy, while also enabling data and source code to be accessible by others to catalyze innovation, is the preferred approach.

5. Explicit consent required for disclosure of personal information to third parties

Sidewalk Labs commits to not share personal information with third parties without explicit consent.

6. Responsible AI principles required

To ensure that issues around the use of artificial intelligence systems are being considered and addressed by data collectors and developers, Sidewalk Labs has developed Responsible AI principles and is working to incorporate these principles into its development and decision-making to promote the spread of responsible technology and data use.