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urban data

The real benefits of real-time transit data

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with researcher Candace Brakewood on all the ways it improves our lives — and its role in a potential car-free urban future.

Eric Jaffe
6 Jun

Where new mobility and traditional transit are actually getting along

Pinellas County is home to perhaps the most advanced “micro-transit” system in action: a fleet of ride-hail vehicles that feeds into the bus system while reducing costs and expanding job access.

Sidewalk Labs Editorial
6 Jun

Toronto by public transportation — from Point A to anywhere

Our open-source Toronto Transit Explorer shows how long it takes to reach any part of the city by taking public transit, cycling, or walking.

Samara Trilling
5 May

Announcing Coord: The integration platform for mobility providers, navigation tools, and urban infrastructure

By connecting app developers to services such as parking, tolls, and bike-share, Coord can unlock a seamless trip experience for people in cities.

Stephen Smyth
2 Feb
15 Innovations That Shaped the City

GTFS: The Promise of Data-Driven Public Transit

Standardized transit data is a harbinger of a future where the fastest way to get around doesn’t require a private car.

11 Nov
15 Innovations That Shaped the City

Traction Motor: Putting the Mass in Mass Transit

By giving rise to powerful new streetcar and subway systems, Frank Sprague's electric motor forever changed commuting and urban development.

10 Oct