Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk

Why minimum lot sizes are a growing affordability problem

New studies show how these rules restrict housing options — and that they’re on the rise. But California is pushing back.

Eric Jaffe
1 Jan

Less parking can mean more housing. Here’s how.

Combined with new mobility tools, new policies could reduce the need for parking in cities — and help make housing more abundant and affordable.

Eric Jaffe
10 Oct
City of the Future Podcast

Episode 6: Affordability by Design

Our podcast “City of the Future” returns with an episode about the future of housing.

Vanessa Quirk and Eric Jaffe
9 Sep

5-Minute Explainer: How factory construction can help housing affordability

Faster, more predictable projects can translate into big savings for residents, not just developers.

Eric Jaffe
8 Aug

Co-living grows up

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Jon Dishotsky, CEO of co-living developer Starcity.

Vanessa Quirk
6 Jun

The secrets to a lasting mixed-income neighborhood

Like many global cities, Toronto has become increasingly segregated into wealthy enclaves and boroughs of poverty. But one area that bucked the trend offers lessons for the future.

Philip Preville
6 Jun

When affordable housing starts in a factory

Amid a housing crisis, several North American cities are turning to modular construction to get new buildings off the ground more quickly and less costly.

5 May

A model for inclusive housing grows in Toronto’s Regent Park

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A on housing affordability with University of Toronto urban studies scholar Shauna Brail.

Eric Jaffe
3 Mar
15 Innovations That Shaped the City

Zoning: The Legal and Social Codes of Urban Planning

What began as a policy innovation to help organize cities has contributed to segregation and severe housing shortages.

9 Sep

How Can Technology Help Improve Housing Affordability?

Our Sidewalk Talk: Idea Tour explored six different approaches to this critical challenge.

12 Dec
Blog Post

The benefits of turning housing construction into housing production

Much residential housing is still built the same way it was 50 years ago, despite emerging technologies that can help reduce costs and increase affordability.

Eric Baczuk
12 Dec