Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk

Civic engagement

Collab: A new digital tool for community participation

Sidewalk Labs and Digital Public Square teamed up on a new prototype to help people shape their communities.

Ariel Kennan
5 May

Welcome to the city of lifelong learning

Already on the path to post-industrial recovery, South Bend, Indiana, is preparing for the future of work—and its libraries will play a pivotal role.

Christian Belanger
4 Apr

Co-Designing a more accessible community

Samara Trilling
1 Jan

Exploring the future of care in urban communities

New research highlights six important trends — and proposes a concept space that could bring them all together.

Alexis Wise
1 Jan
15 Innovations That Shaped the City

N-1-1: The Rise (and Surprise) of Three-Digit City Services

The evolution of 911, 311, and other local numbers into digital services promises to make cities far more responsive.

12 Dec
15 Innovations That Shaped the City

Firefighting Advances: Rising from the Ashes to Make a Safer City

A series of innovations — from fire codes to extinguishers to exits — saved lives, protected cities, and transformed building design.

11 Nov

Announcing Cityblock: Bringing a new approach to urban health, one block at a time

The healthcare system is failing many of our families and communities. Our new company aims to build a scalable solution to address the root causes of health for underserved urban populations.

Iyah Romm, Co-Founder and CEO, Cityblock Health
10 Oct
Smart City Challenge

Sidewalk and the city of Columbus are exploring ways to reduce infant mortality by improving transportation options.

Willa Ng, Corinna Li and Richard Sun
8 Aug
Blog Post

Making the most of city parks and the public realm means learning more about how people use them.

Making the most of city parks and the public realm means learning more about how people use them.

Rohit T. Aggarwala
6 Jun
Blog Post

The way to healthier cities goes beyond healthcare

Improving urban health outcomes requires dramatically better access, and a commitment to addressing the underlying social and environmental factors.

Mat Balez, Shaina Doar, and Lindsay Ullman
12 Dec

The tremendous untapped power of data to reinvent city services

As more agencies embrace digital tools to improve health care, education, safety, and other basic government services, the public conversation should keep pace with technology.

Shaina Doar
6 Jun
case study

How Estonia became a global model for e-government

A tiny country has turned into a civic tech giant.

Eric Jaffe
4 Apr